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Frequently Asked Questions:

What do we need to get married?
The mandatory requirements for a wedding in Massachusetts are:

  1. The two people intending to get married
  2. The officiant
  3. A valid marriage license. See more information about this on the LICENSE page.

Do we need blood tests?
Blood tests are not required in Massachusetts.

Do we need any witnesses present at our ceremony?
No. Massachusetts law does not require that witnesses be present at your ceremony.

Do we need rings?
No. While they are traditional, rings are not required.

Can we select our own vows?
Yes, I have traditional and standard vows to a number of ceremonies from which you may choose. If you prefer, you can write your own words.

Do we have to speak at the ceremony?
Only if you want to. Massachusetts law provides a lot of latitude in what is, and isn’t, required at wedding ceremonies. You can get away with as little as just saying, “I do.”

Can others be included in the ceremony?
Yes, there are many ways to include family members and friends in the ceremony. For example, your loved ones can do readings, walk down the aisle, carry the rings, participate in a candle lighting, and more. There are unlimited possibilities please contact me directly for more information. 

Do we have to hold a rehearsal?
A rehearsal is important if you are planning anything more than just a basic wedding. It gives everyone, not just the couple getting married, an opportunity to become familiar with their roles in the wedding ceremony. However, it is not a “must.”

What will you wear?
I usually wear a plain black robe over my suit. However, if you prefer, I can forego the robe and just wear business attire.

What happens after the ceremony?
After the wedding, there is nothing for you to sign, nor will you receive any documents (even though you are legally married).
You will not automatically receive an official copy of your Certificate of Marriage. You must apply for this with the Town Clerk or City Clerk where you applied for your license. There is nominal charge for this certified Certificate varying by town.
Officiants are not permitted to give you a copy. Instead, they are required (by law) to complete the Certificate of Marriage and mail it back to the Town Clerk or City Clerk from whom you obtained your license. 
I advise you to obtain a copy of your Certificate of Marriage from the Town or City Clerk after your wedding and file it away with your other important documents (such as your Birth Certificates). You may not need it for many years, but it will be good to know that you always have a ready copy, rather than having to retrieve it from the Commonwealth at some date in the future.

Can you renew our vows?
Yes. I have a number of ceremonies for those who want to celebrate a renewal of their vows.


Please contact me anytime. I am always available for quick, short notice ceremonies as well as larger, detailed custom ceremonies. I will work hard to make your special day… perfect”

Justice Angelo